About Us

We are located in northern Illinois, about 50 miles west of Chicago, between the small towns of Maple Park and Virgil. My husband, Rob and myself are lifelong country, animal loving farm folk; both of us raised on family dairy farms. Our farm was once part of my grandparents original farm. Our house once housed the hired hands for the dairy farm. In early adulthood we both worked away from the family farms at different occupations and as a married couple we still have jobs away from the farm. However we work plenty around the farm as there is always something to clean out, train, brush, or fix! Monetarily this work doesn't pay nearly as well as our regular jobs but it's more fun, relaxing, and more rewarding...usually!


The farm name, "Willow Back Acres" came about quite easily. About 25 years ago we had planted 5 weeping willow trees at the back part of our once 5 acre farm. The 5 being representative of the 5 people in our family. And Willow Back Acres it became!

Willow Back Acres ... where some of our best friends are asses!