Kami the Camel


I can´t tell you the number of people who have asked, “Why do you have a camel?” My answer is always the same: “Why not?!”

I have always leaned toward the different. I don´t really want the same thing everyone else has. Different is fun and a little exciting. My different is not only in animals but pours over to clothes, vehicles, jobs, and some might even say the husband!

We were first introduced to camels at an exotic animal auction in Missouri. Most of the camels there were young babies complete with bonnets and baby bottles! Who could resist? We did actually!

Several years after our first “camel encounter” we were in Indiana picking up a couple of donkeys and in the pasture with the donkeys were a couple of young camels! Oh my gosh; they were so sweet. And again I fell in love.

About a year later we had our own two week old baby girl dromedary camel. What a cutie!! Her foot pads were the best; I showed them to everyone when she was little. They were as soft as a baby´s behind or a new pair of moccasins! “Kami” had about 60 visitors that first weekend at her new home, and people are still coming by. I never would have imagined a camel would create such a stir.

Kami the camel is now six years old, over six foot tall, about 1600 pounds, and still a sweetie. We were lucky to have found camel trainers, Bob Meyer and Jason Martin of Jo-Don Farm from not too far away in Wisconsin. They did a wonderful job of making our “lawn ornament” into a rideable and useful animal. She recently spent a month at a nearby pumpkin farm giving rides to over 1500 kids and adults! She loved the job and the attention she received.

Kami´s future hopefully will include more rides; maybe parades and nativity scenes, and of course lots of pets and treats from her visitors. We would like new endeavors to happen too; perhaps trail riding, wagon pulling, and a baby Kami! Time will tell.

Kami's First Job

First Ride

Camel Training

Kami's First Winter

Birthday Watermelon

Summer Relief

Kami's First Summer

I Used To Fit!

Kami's First Pool Party

Our Bottle Baby
Willow Back Acres ... where some of our best friends are asses!