Welcome to Willow Back Acres

At our place we have a variety of animals, ranging in size from a 6 pound retired Maltese therapy dog to a 1700 pound, 6 ½' tall dromedary camel named Kami. In between there's a parrot, chickens, guineas, and peacocks and at the larger end of the spectrum, a couple of horses, a zedonk, standard size donkey, and a llama. Last we can't forget to mention our small herd of mini donkeys, a few hair sheep and Nubian goats. To round out the mix are our guard/watch dogs consisting of an Akbash, a Berger Picard, and 2 Silky Terriers who oversee the place and keep predators away and rodents under control.

Visitors frequently stop by to see our menagerie and are always welcome. We enjoy our animals immensely and love sharing them with others, so if you are ever in our vicinity... stop by!

See the Berger Picards, Silky Terriers and other Dogs!

See the Donkeys!

See Kami the Camel!

Thanks for visiting our website.....hope you enjoy it!

Marlene Davy

Willow Back Acres ... where some of our best friends are asses!